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  • CAT RP12000E - EPA is a portable gas generator designed for heavy outdoor duty and home backup. It runs on a powerful Caterpillar 670cc OHV v-twin engine with a max 3600-RPM.
  • This 120V / 240V @ 60-Hz CAT generator produces 15000 Starting Watts and 12000 Running Watts. The runtime at 50% load is 11.7-hours. It runs quietly making it a neighborhood friendly option.
  • The 12kW generator has a pressurized lubrication system that increases maintenance intervals. Recommended oil is SAE30 or 10W-30. The engine shuts down to protect itself when the oil level is low.
  • The engine is housed in a heavy-duty roll cage to reduce vibration. Idle control saves fuel and reduces noise.
  • The extra-large metal fuel tank stores 13.2-gallons/ 50-liters of unleaded gasoline and has an easy to read fuel gauge.
  • Low harmonic distortion generator with all-copper windings supplies high-quality power with less than 5% THD.
  • The lead-acid battery charges itself when the generator is running.
  • It has a smart alternator with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that adjusts the engine speed to the load without dropping power to other appliances that can damage the product.
  • The control panel is located on one side for easy operation. Use the LED-display to check volts, hertz, running hours and total hours.
  • There are 6 Receptacles: 2x 5-20R GFCI Duplex, 1x L5-30R (Twist Lock), 1x L14-30R (Twist Lock), 1x 14-50R, 1x DC 12V 8.3A. The rubber outlet covers protect the generator from dust, debris, and moisture.
  • The generator is easy to move around with its padded, double-hinged handle and tires that never go flat. Compact design and foldable handles allow for easy mobility and storage.
  • This model is EPA, CARB, and CSA certified.
  • All CAT products are backed by a nationwide dealer network and multi-language call center.
  • Warranty: 2-year limited, extendable to 3-years when registered within 30 days. 

CAT RP12000E - EPA can be used for a wide variety of applications. Storms and hurricanes devastate life and destroy the daily routine when grid power fails. With a CAT RP12000E – EPA, you can continue with your day as usual. This portable powerhouse will run the air-conditioning or the furnace to keep your family comfortable indoors when the weather outside is bad. Watch TV or use the computer to occupy the time. Keep the foods fresh and beverages chilled in the refrigerator. 

This model produces ample electricity for the construction site and shops. It can power table saws, hammer drills, air compressors, furnaces, and smaller AC-units. This model generates electricity that is safe for use with sensitive electronics that have microcircuits such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops. The AVR offers advanced voltage regulation and gives a quick response to the changing load conditions. 

This easy to use and maintain portable generator can also be used for the RV due to its 30-amp receptacles. In the RV you can run the air conditioner, heating, microwave, music player, lights, fan, and so forth. It features idle control that lets you save fuel. The model is very safe to use with its recessed sockets and protected covers, heat shields, spark arrestor and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) that turn off power if there is a problem. Caterpillar builds products to last you a lifetime.

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